Nature Series

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  • JA5


    My Twig Bird

    Wacky little bird is whimsical and fun.  This is part of Youth Card series.

  • JA6


    Vintage Blue Hydrangea

    The perfect card for any occasion.

  • JA7


    Whimsical Rabbit

    For any occasion. Part of my Youth series.

  • JA9


    Lady Bug

    Lady Bugs bring Good Luck.  Part of my Youth Card series.

  • JA10



    Use For any Occasion. Sunflower represents loyalty, longevity and energy

  • JA11


    White Barn Owl

    Owls represent wisdom and intuitive knowledge.

  • JA12


    My Psalm Bird

    Psalm Bird… simply a beautiful blessing.   Perfect for Births, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduation, Deaths, Baptisms, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Even a new home or apartment.

  • JA13


    When Life gives You Lemons…

    My special homemade Lemon Honey Jelly Recipe on the back of card.  My son always wants me to make this for him!

  • JA14



    My special homemade Blackberry Jam recipe on the back – enjoy!

    Beautiful Blackberry and flower

  • JA15


    Beautiful Amaryllis Flower

    Lovely red Amaryllis Flower.  It is perfect for any occasion and also doubles as a Christmas card for southern climates.  The Amaryllis bulb blooms at Christmas and Chanukah.

  • JA16


    Majestic Wood Thrush

    This beautiful bird always makes me happy.

  • JA17


    Rose Breasted Chat

    For any Occasion. The Rose Breasted Chat is part of the Cardinal Family.

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